Foscamun offers, to all who wish it, the possibility to watch the opening and closing ceremonies and take part as visitors to the committees in which both italian and international students will discuss as delegates of the various committees.

The opening ceremony will take place on Friday the 10 of March at 11:00 AM while the closing ceremony will take place on Sunday the 12 of March at 2:00 PM. Both will take place at our school, in the deconsecrated Church of Santa Caterina. Access to both is free.

Committees will start on Friday afternoon and will end Sunday morning. The schedule of the committees can be found on our website by consulting the three days’ programme. Registration for the visits must be done on-line at the website


Visitors are begged to read and respect the visitors procedure for visitors and must come dressed in a formal way.

Whoever wishes to take part in the committees as a visitor must register online giving their name, e-mail address, telephone number, number of tickets they wish to book, date and time of the session they wish to follow. The visit lasts either one or two hours and must finish in accordance with the session’s schedule. Each visitor can book a maximum of two tickets. Minors can only assist to the sessions if accompanied by an adult. At their arrival, visitors shall have to show an identification document and – if accompanying a minor – sign the release form.  Visitors will be given a badge to enter the committees’ areas.