1) All visitors are begged to obey the following rules, and will otherwise be forbidden to watch the sessions.
2) The designation “visitor” does not include delegates, Chairs, official guests and members of the organization.
3)  The visit lasts either one or two hours and must finish in accordance with the session’s schedule.
4) The highest number of visitors allowed per committee is 10 people for each committee. This implies that the highest number of visitors allowed in the whole building is at all times 70 people.
5) Registration must be done on-line at the website: giving their name, e-mail address, telephone number, number of tickets one wishes to book, date and time of the session they wish to follow.
6) Each visitor can book a maximum of two tickets.
7) All visitors that have not booked a ticket may only assist to the sessions if there still are available places.
8) Minors can only assist to the sessions if accompanied by an adult, who must guarantee for them and sign a release form that will be given at the entrance.
9) All visitors are advised to arrive five minutes before the beginning of the visit.
10) At their arrival, visitors shall have to show an identification document and – if accompanying a minor- sign the release form.
11) Visitors will be given a badge to enter the commitees’ areas. The badge must be worn at all times and returned at the end of the visit.
12) The dress-code for the event is formal, visitors will not be allowed inside if dressed in an inappropriate manner.
13) Access to visitors is limited to public areas where the event takes place: in other words, the classrooms where committees are in session.
14) During sessions, visitors shall have to maintain silence, may not take pictures or film the proceedings and must not establish any form of contact with the delegates or the Chair.
15) Organizational staff members are charged with handling the access to visitors and you are kindly requested to follow their indication at all times.
16) The official guidelines must be followed with no exception, otherwise exclusion from the event will occur.