Sponsors: Russian Federation, France, Germany
We, the DISC committee:
A) Emphasizing the importance of seeking a safer world and preventing the threats
posed by international terroristic organizations
B) Reaffirming the DISC mandate and the Committee’s work in maintaining the
international peace and security.
Have decided upon the following:
a) Insist the need for the creation of a Committee in which there is a ⅔ majority and two
leader countries (to be voted every two years without the possibility of the reelection
after two terms.
b) Calls upon member states to give economic efforts proportional to their GDP.
c) Decides also that the receivers of these efforts must create a monthly report on their
d) Stresses the need to share intelligence gathered on terrorists so organizations.
e) Believes that every country should give military efforts to its abilities without ever
harming civilians.
f) Demands that countries such as Yemen, Italy and Lebanon host common military
g) Makes an urgent appeal to prevent the radicalization of terroristic culture in European
territory and to enforce security on European borders.
h) Decides to create a special commission to overview the course of Syrian election.
i) Decides also to enforce the internal security, help modify the Constitution in order to
change the current situation of corruption in Nigeria and Iraq.


Sponsors:Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria
The DISC committee
A) emphasizing the importance of helping countries such as Nigeria, Syria and Iraq,
achieve peace and security after their conflicts
B) Reaffirming that DDR strategies are the most effective way to help a country gain
back their stability:
a) calls for rebels to undergo reintegration processes according to the locus of their
country of origin’s law
b) calls for the reintegration of former terrorist fighters in the society assisted by the
international coalition
c) encourages the reinsertion of ex combatants in the work force as to allow them to be
more economically independent
d) further encourages countries to give psychological assistance in order to have them
recover from the horrors of war
e) demands the international committee to provide funds to build infrastructures and
help the families of those who have lost family members
f) declares that disarmament has to be carried as peacefully as possible but if
necessary through the use of arms
g) urges the disband of all unofficial paramilitary groups
h) calls for European countries’ pledge to form an economical and commercial
agreements to come to fruition in order to help Nigerian Syrian and Iraqi economy