FOSCAMUN is a student organised event held in the last days of February in the Liceo Marco Foscarini of Venice. One of many MUN’s worldwide, this event sees students from all around the globe working together for three days, analyzing issues and tackling topics they would otherwise never talk about in a normal school environment. They will discuss the great problems that today’s world faces, providing a fresh and interesting point of view on questions that are still lacking an answer.

The Model United Nation itself was first invented in the 1950s by the very UN it tries to emulate, so that young students might get to know what the Organization of the United Nations is all about. The project proved to be a great success, and over the years many MUN conferences were held worldwide, at first aimed only at older university students but as time went by the opportunity to participate to these events was offered to the younger audience, with many of these project being made specifically for middle and high schools.

The Venetian version of the Model United Nation’s saw its first edition in 2014, at the time made up of only four commissions and counting no more than sixty students participating in the project. Only one year later, FOSCAMUN 2015 counted a hundred and sixty people taking part in the conference and its organization, and six commissions, including UNICEF and UNHRC, in a project twice as big as the first one. FOSCAMUN 2016 seeks to improve on the huge growth that was witnessed in the last edition, with new commissions where students will again have a chance to sit as representatives of one of the member states of the UN.

FOSCAMUN is much more than your average school project will ever be: it is not simply a chance to learn new things, from a point of view you would normally never have, it is a chance to grow. For a whole week leading up to the conference the international crew of students will get more than one opportunity to bond, sharing their experiences and getting to know different cultures in a direct and personal way, making friends from all over the world along the way.