Providing Access to Essential Medicines in Developing Countries

Sponsors: Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico

Signatures: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, People’s Republic of China, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America

Our delegates have come together to propose solutions for providing access to essential medicines in developing countries. Access to healthcare and essential medicines is a basic human right and people deserve to have the ability to obtain care when they need it. We plan to create an organization specific to this issue. This organization will have many units including one that will create an essential medicine list based on the diseases common in each country. Research will be provided to create this list and will be based on many factors, such as weather, climate, and population. It will be mandatory that each country’s essential medicine list is updated every three years. Every healthcare system will have their own national healthcare system following guidelines provided by the WHO.

In the organization, we will invest in the training of medical staff as well as research focused on diseases spreading in developing countries such as Malaria, HIV, and Polio.

We will encourage the decentralization of pharmaceutical agencies in developing countries to sell and produce only branded medicines that are not of patent and to promote the creation of new companies to produce only generic drugs. This will promote more competition in the market. Our organization will support providing essential drugs to developing countries by supporting the creation of new pharmaceutical companies. There is a large demand for these medicines and there is a remarkable financial opportunity in these markets. There will also be more incentives for the new companies in less developed countries that will help low income people. These incentives will include training for staff and financial support from our delegations.

Our short-term solution on the issue will be the creation of tired pricing which will differentiate between the countries that are less developed. These countries will pay less for the same medicine that is sold in fully developed countries at a higher price. Also, it will be illegal that the medicines sold at a lower price in less developed countries be brought back to developed countries.

For the long term, developed countries undertake to help develop underdeveloped countries economy by improving their economical conditions and infrastructure system. With these improvements, the issue of transporting and distributing the medicines will be solved in the coming future.

In conclusion, our delegations have come up with both short term and long term solutions for providing access to essential medicines to underdeveloped countries. Our organization will create specific essential medicine lists, increase medical training and scientific unification, and encourage the creation of new companies of pharmaceutical agencies.


Creation of a Global Fund in Order to Combat and Prevent Anorexia, Bulimia, and Obesity

Sponsors: France, United States of America, and United Kingdom

Signatures: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, People’s Republic of China, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America

Our delegations have come together to create a global fund that will have support from all of the delegations. The fund will be sponsored by each country. This fund will be divided into different branches in order to unite all of our nations on the issue at hand. The first branch of the fund will be split into continents. These continents will be efficient in deciding protocols. Coming from continents, the countries will be able to have a say in what they need and want. The dialog between the country’s pre-existing organizations will lead the agenda of the countries. Each branch of the organization will elect their speaker on behalf of the organization to work together to create their own priorities. The final task of this global organization is to decide where to disperse the funds which come from the countries.

This fund will focus on education to all citizens, research and training of medical staff on the NCDs, and support for the diagnosed. Education will increase for the youth by creating mandatory nutrition classes in schools that will teach the truth of the life threatening diseases and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It will be a course and at the end of the course they will receive a certification. Not only will the youth be educated, but adults will also be given the opportunity to see seminars and partake in workshops in order to understand the disorders and the importance of nutrition so prevalent in today’s world.

Our organization will also capitalize on the agency social media has in today’s culture to spread the values and importance of self love to today’s youth. This campaign will show people the truth of how all body types are beautiful and will limit the ‘thin ideal’ that continues to spread in today’s culture. We will work together to create laws and mandates worldwide restricting the use of image promotion of ultra thin models that have such a powerful influence. Also, we will create anonymous websites where the affected can talk about their problems, support each other in their recovery, and obtain help from therapists and psychologists. These websites will be controlled and censored by psychologists to ensure their security.

We will raise taxes of sugar and processed foods and the extra money will allow us to subsidize healthy food taxes to make them more affordable for poor people. Furthermore, we will encourage programs that raise awareness on the risks of fast foods and excessive consumption of meat. We will create mandates to ensure every school requires their students to participate in physical activities throughout the school day. Gym membership will be discounted for people who are suffering from obesity as well. Our funds will teach doctors how to ensure their patients are not suffering from one of the NCDs.

In conclusion, our Global Fund will cover the whole spectrum of combatting treatment of NCDs. We will encourage education and a change in social media to prevent the increase of NCDs in the future. For today, the treatments will be more accessible and the quality of treatment will be improved. It will be ensured that people who seek help will be able to obtain help quickly from now on.