The second edition of our MUN took place from the 27 of february to the 1st of March 2015 in the Liceo Marco Foscarini of Venice. Twice the size of the first one, the project of our venetian institute has seen the participation of delegates coming from all over the world, presidents of commissions, with their vice presidents and moderators, for a total of 115 students directly involved in the debates. Each school, with the precious help of many teachers, has prepared around ten students to be representatives of states from all around the globe to treat arguments of extreme actuality.

During the three days of the event the six commissions have worked full time so that each commission might produce at least one “resolution paper” in which the various represented states, around fifteen per commission, have presented the unanimously shared solutions to the questions that they were asked. These resolutions were reached by trying to conciliate and not penalize the opinions of each country through debates rigorously held in english, while following the same rules used in the UN’s headquarters in New York. The themes that the delegates had to face were varied and of strong political and social relevance; they debated about world hunger, civil security in Israel, fundamentalist groups, the protection of endangered animal species, gender equality, human trafficking, child soldiers, and GMOs. To each of these great questions from our time the young students have successfully found an awnser. They did this while recreating the art of diplomacy practiced in the UN.

The students from Mexico City, Richmond (Virginia, USA), Hobart (Tasmania, Australia), Siville (Spain) and Verona, our guests, have taken part to an intense cultural program for the whole week before the event during which they had the chance to dicover the wonders of the city and, in our company, visit unique locations that they will never forget, just like FOSCAMUN itself.

The opening ceremony has undoubtably been a very emotionally charged moment, during which we had the opportunity to listen to speeches from real UN delegates from WHO and UNESCO, and memebers of the Ministry of Instruction and local authorities.
Saturday night a Gala dinner had been organized in the Church of Santa Caterina, which is part of our school’s buildings, where students, sponsors, special guests and teachers got together to spend a wonderful night and taste the tipical sicilian cuisine, after which they let themselves take part in a night of dancing that will be remembered by many.

Even the local media has spoken about us, giving the project ample visibility. Many of the local citizens had heard of the project, and many were the ones that came to see the sessions as guests. FOSCAMUN 2015 took place in the best way possible, both students and adults have lived a unique experience during which they learned much about facts not well known. They themselves have grown and matured, while at the same time having lots of fun.

We thank those that have participated to the organization of the event, the sponsors, the delegates, and those that have participated to the success of this ambitious and wonderful project.