MUN is an acronym, a project, an objective. Students from all over the world participate in simulations of UN committees, that are held in English.
The idea was born in 2013, after taking part in the BIMUN, organised by the Mexican school “Colegio Carol Baur”. Enchanted by the project, we decided to arrange our own MUN in Venice. This immediately caught the attention of both local and international media, as the video on the website of World Health Organization proves.

Our project is not only an important formative moment and an opportunity to tackle real-world issues, but it also affords international students an insider’s perspective on Venice and its unique way of life. It is, therefore, important that our guests experience  Venice in the best possible way, starting from our history, territory and culture. We aim to make them fall in love with our city and our traditions. We consider the MUN as a showcase for Venice.
In the past years, the success of the event and the achievement of our goals has been possible thanks to generous sponsors and collaborators, public and private, that have supported this ambitious project.

If you or your organization are interested in backing us, with sponsorship or a patronage,  please contact us via phone or email. The whole staff is committed to guaranteeing every sponsor full visibility, while the fundraising team will make every effort to oversee an effective use of sponsorship.