Foscamun Delegates 2019 

DISEC – Background Guide 2019           

TOPIC A :  Identifying the different protagonists in the Yemeni crisis and finding strategies for interrupting the humanitarian crisis

TOPIC B: Limiting the development and deployment of nuclear weapons

ECOSOC – Background Guide 2019    

TOPIC A:  Tackling counterfeit and illegal products to promote consumer protection and enhance market development

TOPIC B: Developing a financial action plan for natural disasters

UNEP – Background Guide 2019       

TOPIC A: Reducing the negative effects of light pollution

TOPIC B: Pollution of transboundary waters: coordinating remediation

UNESCO – Background Guide 2019  

TOPIC A: Promouvoir une éducation scientifique qui soit au service d’un avenir durable

TOPIC B: Comment prévenir l’extrémisme violent politique et religieux

UNHRC – Background Guide 2019

TOPIC A: Implementing The Mandela Rules worldwide

TOPIC B: LGTBQ+ refugee protection across the world

UN Women – Background Guide 2019

TOPIC A: Developing legal mechanisms and practical initiatives for the prevention of violence against women

TOPIC B: Providing health and hygiene products and sex education for women in prisons or refugee centres

UNWTO Background Guide 2019

Topic A: Elaboración de un plan internacional sobre el turismo sostenible

Topic B:  Facilitación de los viajes como forma de impulsar el crecimiento económico en el mundo

WHO Background Guide 2019

TOPIC A: Developing international protocols for cancer screening

TOPIC B: Creating international policies for mental disorders

ICJ Background Guide 2019

Case for the forced re-entry of the United States of America in the 2018 Paris Climate Agreement on grounds of human rights violations. Philippines, Italy, India vs The United States of America